Three Days to a 6-Figure Dream Job in Tech

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I want this!

Three Days to a 6-Figure Dream Job in Tech

CC Tapia
8 ratings

Read until the end for the money-back guarantee.

Have you been affected by the recent layoffs at Netflix, Meta, Thrasio and other tech companies?

Or maybe you're looking to transition from corporate, consulting, or another industry?

Perhaps you're a recent grad looking for your first job?

No matter the reason, you're finally ready to level up and get a six-figure job in tech.

But you already know it's a highly competitive landscape.

The most talented employees all over the nation are leaving their high-stress, lower paying jobs to start a career in tech.

And you can't blame them.

Tech jobs have flexible hours, allow for remote work, have a budget for office snacks.

Plus the average salary is $101,000 per year.

The ultimate dream!

So you know you want to work in tech.

You also know you can prove your worth. You work hard. You're smart. And you're great at Zoom calls.

But how do you actually get your foot in the door?

And more importantly, how do you stand out against the thousands of applicants?

If you're ready to get your first handful of interviews, I've got a proven blueprint for you.

You'll get the exact outreach framework I used to land six interviews within three days of reaching out to my dream companies.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Check out some of the enthusiastic replies I got below:

So what can you expect to get from this?

  • 5+ interviews at venture-backed tech companies within your first week
  • The exact template and script I used to stand out when reaching out to founders and hiring managers
  • A time-saving guide on where to find the best openings
  • A smart tracker to organize all the founder relationships you'll build

If all this does is get you one call with a founder excited to meet you, would three days worth of work and a couple bucks be worth it?

I'm telling you right now though, you'll get many more replies, call requests, and founders wanting to connect with you.

How is the framework structured?

Each day you'll have one task to focus on.

Day 1 - The Search Strategy

  • Learn my personal operating system for finding jobs that are the best fit for your own experience and skill set
  • You'll put together a list of 20+ dream companies to reach out to and learn how to get their contact info

Day 2 - Bespoke Pages

  • No more boring resumes and cover letters - deliver your qualifications in the most unforgettable way
  • Duplicate my template to build a unique webpage for each company you're applying to

Day 3 - First Impressions Matter

  • This is the approach that gets founders and hiring managers excited to get on a call with you
  • Send out an unforgettable message with the unique outreach method I've used to book interviews and meetings with hard-to-reach founders

By the end of it, you'll see calendar requests start to roll in.

This framework is highly scalable too! You can get as many interviews as you want.

And by the end of it, don't be surprised if you've got two, three, or more companies competing to have you on their team.

Still not convinced this is for you?

What if I said there was zero risk.

That's right. You can try the program out for 180 days and if you get absolutely no results from it, I'll refund you the full amount.

That's a 100% money back guarantee.

I'm only able to offer that guarantee because I have so much conviction that this will work for you.

But if for some unforeseen reason you don't book any interviews, all you have to do is send me a message and I'll refund your full fee right away.

Fair enough?

So are you ready for your dream job?

I want this!
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Framework for booking interviews, Email copy, Video scripts, Custom resume page template, Outreach organization system, Guidance on how to find roles and founder contact info


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